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Austin Dispatches No. 27  
May 23, 2001

It pays to get out more. 

A local thunderstorm hit my neighborhood Sunday night and knocked out the power, according to the Austin American-Statesman.1 The storm was so local, I didn't even experience it downtown. I went home and home had turned into California.2 Or maybe New York this summer.3 Anyway, no zombie mutants tried to snuff out the remaining lights; no bums asked, "Who is John Galt?"4 So I went to sleep. The power returned by morning. 

On the whole I'd rather be in Philadelphia.5 There, Kenexa found my resume online and offered me a short contract to edit a training document at home.6

Naturally, I agreed. That's a lot of cheese steaks.7

It was a nice break from being unemployed. The pace of the recruit-o-rama is picking up, though the pertient parties aren't yet hep to the bop beats that are my speed. 

Still, I'm doing better than Robert Blake.8 Direct from Hollywood ... another celebrity scandal.9 Just what I need to buoy my mood while I'm out of work. And you can take that to the bank.10 This whole incident comes off like an alternate plot line the Usual Gang of Idiots, particularly Lou Silverstone, might've created for the satire they ran for "Baretta," or any given '70s crime show.11 My favorite comment so far, courtesy of the good folks at Free Republic: 

           I sure hope this turns into a gigantic, months-long media circus, filled with a cast of wacky Angelenos right
             out of Columbo or The Rockford Files. I really enjoyed the last one in fact, the day after the OJ verdict
             came down, I remember waking up and feeling kind of empty, like, what is there to look forward to today?12

Fame. Ain't it a bitch.13

Sunday was just one example of my socializing while I'm pinching pennies and pitching prospects on the next job with the ol' Eisler razzmatazz. Actually, most of my socializing consists of pitching prospects on the next job with the ol' Eisler razzmatazz. An exception: Saturday night, I loitered outside Waterloo Park to hear Ray Charles.14 He gallivanted through an quirky set of songs, with '70s orchestrations. 

And that's that.



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