The Creator Has a Master Plan

Austin Dispatches
No. 49
Mar. 23, 2003

As you read this, you are beholding a new era for Austin Dispatches. We’re movin’ on up to our own domain.1 I reached my breaking point with Southwestern Bell Internet Services, which owner SBC appears willing to let rot so it can force me onto its DSL service.2  SBC’s behavior served as a catalyst. Obtaining a domain name was something I intended anyway, as part of a master plan that will manifest in the coming months and years.3 The archive of previous issues will reappear sooner than that, as will commentary on weightier matters.4  Likewise, I’ll announce a second, more personal Web site soon. But we here at Austin Dispatches intend to take it nice ‘n easy.5 (‘Cause we never do anything nice … ‘n rough.)6

Circumstances put a limit on how much time I can tolerate in front of a computer. I’m back at my old job at Dell.7  Now, I’m using Windows XP.8  It looks cool, but I suspect that, increasingly, Microsoft products are more akin to the defective luxury cars manufactured in Detroit in the ‘70s.9

Business Roundup

Speaking of business, the Austin Chronicle reports the city fathers are turning their attention to entertainment as a field to nurture, after years of neglect in favor of other industries. Since those other industries ended up in the crapper, and since Austin-generated entertainment as a whole is doing OK, you’d think the city bureaucrats and Chamber of Commerce flunkies might figure out to leave well enough alone.10

Meanwhile, the American Electronics Association reports the technology industry shed 236,000 jobs last year.11

Cultural Canapés

The Statesman’s John Kelso reports that people were dumping French wines into an oil drum at Rudy's Country Store & Bar-B-Q off U.S. Highway 183 on Mar. 16.12  Hey, next time, I’ll be happy to take those off anybody’s hands, particularly the 1961 vintages.

This Halloween, Del Rio is planning to erect a statue of the late Wolfman Jack.13  I remember when he lost credibility by doing public service announcements for the return of Selective Service registration during the Carter administration.14


This issue – indeed, this new site – is a reality thanks to the advice and assistance of KT Hernandez, Joe Gandall, and Alan Sharf.

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